Thomas Sandberg - RÉSONANCES


09.09.2016. till 16.12.2016


Exhibition curated by Antonio Panetta.


As part of the 7th European Month of Photography Berlin.


Thomas Sandberg (*1952) writes: „My Europe is a literary place, it reaches from Brooklyn to Jerusalem, from Moscow to Casablanca. I had a few days and travelled to Lisbon. As years before I wanted to walk in the streets and make pictures, but the curiosity could not cease. I see a monkey in a zoo that observes a conspecific. I feel transported in an episode of a book. The Ulysse of James Joyce. “Leo Bloom watches Dedalus” – from a distance he looks at him and sees himself through him. I make a picture but I´m not sure anymore in what direction my objective is pointing.


Thomas Sandberg calls his motives the result of resonance cases. As in physics, when two things happen to vibrate in the same manner, what you read superimposes with the reality. This explains the title of the exhibition. Sandberg travelled with his Leica and light luggage through Europe. A resonance case is not dependant on technical perfection for him, but relies on the patience of the photographer and the chance. The cycle is called “Bronze By Gold” and is organised in chapters with names such as "Casanova", "Joyce" or "Bulgakov". Those names refer to the writers.


“Bronze By Gold” was produced in the last 10 years and lives from a plethora of associations. The resulting motives are both very subjective and very personal to Sandberg. They are associations and no illustrations. They give insight in the “mental literacy head cinema” of the photographer.


Marc Barbey: ”the photographic tableaux from Thomas Sandberg are unique and give us a chance to dive visually and associatively in the world of the biggest writers. As such they build an unusually strong bridge between photography and literature.”


Alongside the cycle “Bronze by Gold” the exhibition will present a cycle that has been produced 30 years ago: Erinnerung an Aarenshoop. A photographed memory of childhood and youth.

Exhibition catalogue published by Collection Regard: "Thomas Sandberg - RÉSONANCES"

With a text by Christoph Tannert and a text by Thomas Sandberg
Published by Collection Regard

Design: Andreas Koch, Berlin
Format: 27 x 22 cm
German and English

Available begining of September

Price 18,90€ + shipping


Alongside the exhibition a program will be held. A Salon Photographique (in German) with Thomas Sandberg and Christoph Tannert, Künstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin will be held on Thursday 20.10.2016 at 7:30 pm (admission from 7 pm, contribution 7€). Please register via email to




Following events are proposed as well:




Visit of the exhibition with the photographer Thomas Sandberg  (in German): Friday 16.9. at 2 pm, Friday 14.10 at 4:30 pm, Friday 18.11 at 4:30 pm. Please register via email to

Visit of the exhibition with the collector Marc Barbey  (in German): Friday 16.9. at 11am, Sunday 18.9 at 11 am,. Please register via email to