Exhibition "Documenting the Ephemeral", Goethe-Institut Paris © Goethe-Institut 2016


Photographs from the Collection Regard, Berlin

Margret Hoppe, Rainer König, Manfred Paul, Ulrich Wüst


Goethe-Institut Paris

10.11. till 21.12.2016


The exhibition is curated by Katharina Scriba, Program Manager of Goethe-Institut Paris and Antonio Panetta, the Artistic Director of Collection Regard.


Goethe-Institut Paris presents the exhibition "Dokumente des Vergänglichen" (Documenting the ephemeral), which showcases photographic works of the artists Margret Hoppe, Rainer König, Manfred Paul und Ulrich Wüst. All of these differing approaches employ the photographic act as a way of
capturing fleeting and irretrievable objects. On the one hand these works illustrate revolutionary social upheavals such as the fall of the Berlin Wall and on the other, extremely subjective, existential insights that attempt to capture the transience of the human condition. The photographs vary from subtle moments of reflection to representational documentation of irreversible change.


The exhibition’s presentation references the historical "Studiolo". This concept originated during the Renaissance and designates a room that is intended only for the study of art. It’s characteristic is that it is a hidden place of retreat to study and think, in what is usually a public building. The “Studiolo” is furnished with art and books. The visitor’s experience is reflected in the way one engages with the photographs and encompasses the space – similar to that of the gallery spaces at Collection Regard in Berlin. This ambience contrasts to the classic ‘white cube’ in its cosy atmosphere. The collection, which also acts as a "salon", aims to consciously create an intimate dialogue with the photographs and the opportunity to engage with like-minded souls.

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A parallel exhibition was on view at Galerie Binome, Paris:


Hein Gorny & Manfred PaulPhotographs from the Collection Regard, Berlin

curated by Valérie Cazin and Antonio Panetta
4.11 till 23.12.2016